East End Track Gang (EETG) Port Alberni Sub Maintenance of Way

The East End Track Gang (EETG) was formed in May 2009 to maintain the east side of the Alberni Summit (Loon Lake) Mile 22.2 on the subdivision. When members of the E&N Division, Canadian Railroad Historical Association and Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) volunteers initiated a common goal to reopen the E&N Railway's inactive Port Alberni Subdivision from Parksville (Mile 0.0) to Port Alberni (Mile 33.33); APR maintaining the west side and their portion into Port Alberni to Mile Post 39.0. The remainder into Port Alberni from McLean Mill NHS (MP 33.33) to Port Alberni Station (MP 39.0) is used by APR for their steam tourist train. The purpose of this goal was to reopen and maintain the line, preserving it from suffocating vegetation. This was a huge task to undertake and initial brushing was completed within one year, all volunteer, all by hand. The right-of-way from MP 0.0 to 33.33 is now open for maintenance equipment and track crews - reactivating this line as an active railway. The EETG maintains a large portion of the Port Alberni Subdivision on a regular basis.

Spring of 2017, the East End Track Gang and E&N Division CRHA volunteers are 8 years (and counting) Work Safe Accident Free on the Port Alberni Subdivision! This is a huge achievement!! This status, and all work done on the Port Sub since the spring of 2008 could not possibly have been accomplished without the many highly dedicated volunteers we have! Thanks to all for your efforts, dedication, determination, time, interest and support over the years! When this site was launched in August 2010, it quickly became obvious our goals were those of many. On top of all this, our group has come a long way from broom and loppers. We have formed a track gang that has been recognized and supported around the world and their work towards a rail line that is of significant value and essential importance to which the areas it occupies.

Thank you everyone, this is truly an amazing accomplishment!

Maintaining the Port Sub

This is a large and sometimes difficult project with rock slides and ongoing maintainence with the additional difficulties of transporting equipment to rural areas without using a railcar. We cannot use large rail equipment at the moment due to wooden trestle conditions. If you wish to make a donation to support our goals, feel free to visit the E&N Division, CRHA's website at:


All donations will be gratefully accepted!

Our Equipment and CROR #105 

All of our (EETG) equipment is kept up to current railway equipment safety standards. We as the E&N Division, CRHA and East End Track Gang operate the Port Alberni Subdivision under the Canadian Railroad Operating Rules (CROR) rule number (#) 105. We contact Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) for track sign on/off procedures. Each track unit is equipped with a VHF radio for communications and safety and the EETG has a designated assigned frequency from the Railway Association of Canada (RAC).