Our Equipment

Equipment used on the Port Alberni Subdivision for maintenance work by the East End Track Gang (and Alberni Pacific Railway) is listed below.

-- Equipment used by the E&N Division's East End Track Gang --

 EETG Hi-Rail 301

Our newest edition to the equipment fleet is Hi-Rail 301 which is a 1995 Ford F-250 4x4 pickup truck equipped with Fairmont Hi-Rail gear. This road-rail vehicle is great for crew and tool transport, as well as the much needed horsepower for pulling rail trailers etc. The Hi-Rail wheels on this truck are rubber insulated for a quiet and shock-free ride.

*VHF Radio Equipped* 

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Woodings Railcar CBL

Built in 1990 in Canada. The Railcar started its service with the CPR in the Golden and Kootenay Regions. The unit has two seats but can carry four workers. It has an 18 horse power gas engine, with snowmobile type drive to the transmission and drive shaft. It weights about 1800 pounds and is numbered 16-003. The unit was restored in 2010.

*VHF Radio Equipped*

Fairmont CR7 Series Railcar

This is a CR7 series A RO-C 9HP CPR railcar numbered 4706-44. These speeders were built by Fairmont Railway Motors Canada in 1958 and weigh in at about 871 pounds. This unit was fully restored in 1997.

*VHF Radio Equipped* 

Fairmont CR7 Series Railcar

This is a CR7 series A RO-C 9HP CPR railcar numbered 4706-45. These speeders were built by Fairmont Railway Motors Canada in 1958 and weigh in at about 871 pounds.

*VHF Radio Equipped* 

BC Rail A6 Railcar

Work done on the A6 involved rebuilding the cab, installing a new roof, replacing new components on the motor (generator, starter, wiring, electrical, etc) repairing two wheels, overhauling brakes, installing sanders, intercom, radio, new seats, and repainted in BC Rail colours. 

*VHF Radio Equipped* 

Kubota Super Series KX121-3 Excavator

Used on the Port Sub for rock and tree removal including various other duties such as occasional track realignment and culvert work. This machine has and does play a vital role in keeping the track open and clear of all debris.

Gradall Brushcutter

This machine is privately owned and operated but is used on the Port Sub for major brushing needs. The hydraulic arm of this machine can reach 30' in either direction making it ideal for tree, broom and grass removal. This is the ultimate brushing machine!

Fairmont W 24 Series B Weed Mower

Built by Fairmont in the 1950's. It has a Wisconsin 4 cylinder Air cooled Gas Engine and the drive works on hydraulics. This unit spent its life on the island and was Donated to the E&N Division from CPR in the 1990's. The E&N Division's East End Track Gang has taken on the restoration of our Ex CPR unit 4305.02 (E&N) Fairmont Brush Cutter. In the 1990's it was restored back to working condition and used on the CN line at Tide Water in Cowichan Bay. It then spent a number of years clearing brush for the Alberni Pacific Railway. Time has taken its toll on the unit and it is now currently in Parksville under restoration. The unit is now stripped down to it's frame. New metal and much work is going into the structure at this time. Visit the E&N Division's projects page and keep up to date on its restoration progress.

 -- Equipment used by the Alberni Pacific Railway --

APR Hi-Rail 101

Hi-Rail 101 is used to transport crews including smaller and larger equipment. This Ford Super Duty truck has towing capabilities as well. Excavator transport is a frequent use for Hi-Rail 101.

*VHF Radio Equipped* 

"The Lobster"

Used on the west side of the Port Sub by the Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) for major brushing work. This machine is the ultimate brush eliminator!