EETG Port Sub Projects: 

E&N Division Projects:

Our Largest Projects: (apart from brushing)

Rock Slide - MP 27.5 - 2011/12

Plugged Culvert - MP 9.8 - 2010/11

Rock Slide - MP 16.8 - July 2009

Mud Slide - MP 10.8 - July 2009  

EETG Work Party Date(s) and Project Update: *For updates & photos of the ongoing Coombs Siding Project please Click Here*

*** Please note that this schedule is only to be used as a guideline for major inspections / maintenance / projects and should not be mistaken for a full track operations schedule. The Port Alberni Subdivision is an active rail line; therefore expect rail equipment on the track at any given time - we DO have track crews out during week days. ATV operators please click HERE for more information. This Right of Way and track is NOT open for recreational use! We have had too many close calls with rail equipment and motorized vehicles. Trespassing on railroad property is illegal and dangerous and has resulted in serious injury and death. Stay safe and keep our track crews safe; please keep away from railway property and don't trespass.    Prevent a senseless tragedy.    Look. Listen & Live.    -- Thank You ***

Current Projects

  • Ongoing culvert inspections and repairs
  • Ongoing track (tie, rail) repairs and maintenance
  • Ongoing debris (rock, trees, brush) removal

  • Fairmont Brushcutter Restoration - CLICK HERE and scroll down for an update and photos!
  • E&N Division Caboose Restoration

Past Major Projects

All Maintenance Of Way (MOW) work done by E&N Division EETG volunteers (with assistance from APR on larger projects)

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